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Ageing is optional with skin care treatment from Infinity Aesthetics
As the largest organ in the body many people take the skin for granted that it doesn’t need protection against sun and free radicals. People also neglect that fact that skin needs hydration, nutrients and to be taken care of. Without care skin cells dehydrate, become damaged and infected and can result in conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, thread veins, lines, wrinkles, thickened sun damaged and aged skin.  There is also the risk that damaged skin cells can result in more serious conditions such as skin cancer.

Ageing is optional with the treatments offered by Infinity Aesthetics. Using scientifically proven and researched medical devices and skin care formulas we are able to offer outstanding treatments for anti ageing, rejuvenation, sun damage, acne, pigmentation.  Reducing damage to the skin assists in its overall health.

With the acknowledgment from leading dermatologists around the world, products containing retinols (Vitamin A) can improve skin health and reduce lines and wrinkles. At Infinity we advocate the use of retinols in our day to day skin management and have a full range of prescriptive skin care to promote skin health and anti ageing.

Using medical grade formulas the retinols within our treatments are of a higher concentrate than can be purchased over the counter and are delivered via nanosomal technology to penetrate deeply into the dermis where all of the skin cell, collagen and elastin renewal takes place.

Outer beauty comes with inner health and we promote a holistic view on skin care.

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