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Be safe when looking for a practitioner

Aesthetic treatments have quickly become more popular and accessible to everyone.It is very important that when you look for a practitioner to treat you, you must ensure that they are qualified, experienced and insured to carry out the treatment.

Medical practitioners i.e. doctors, nurses and dentists with training in aesthetic treatments are the only practitioners who are legally allowed to administer prescribed treatments such as botox for cosmetic use.

Please don't be afraid to ask about their qualifications and experience as it is your face and body that they are treating.

Nurses are no longer allowed to use the remote prescribing facility from a doctor i.e. phoning a doctor during a client consultation so there is no face to face interaction.

Nurses can only administer botox independently if they are registered Independent/Supplementary Nurse Prescribers. If they are not then they are practising illegally, not insured and could be removed from the Nursing & Midwifery Council register.

Anyone can check to see if a nurse is registered as an Independent Nurse Prescriber by visiting the NMC website and searching the name of the nurse on the register. If they have the qualification then it will be listed with their nursing qualification.

Laws have been tightened to safeguard both clients and practitioners which is a welcome development.

When looking for a practitioner, the best recommendation is 'word of mouth'.

Happy and safe practitioner hunting...! :-)
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